Sea Moss Gel
Sea Moss Gel
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Sea Moss Gel

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Sea Moss Gel is made from wild Jamaican Sea Moss and blended with spring water creating the gel texture.

Sea Moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals that the body needs to stay healthy.

Sea Moss Gel can be consumed internally or as a topical.

Benefits includes/may help with the following:
Weight Loss
Immune Health
Eczema, Acne and other skin conditions
Ridding the body of mucus
Boosts Immune System
Better Sleep
Healthy Hair
Provides more energy
Improves Erectile dysfunction
Helps with Vaginal Issues
Helps with Thyroid Issues
And much more!


*Sea Moss Gel is known to be safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers but consult  with a medical professional before  use.

•Refrigerate Sea Moss IMMEDIATELY upon delivery.
   -It can be refrigerated for 3 to 4 weeks
   -It can last in the freezer up to 6months
•Two tablespoons is the recommended amount daily.
•Sea Moss can be taken in various ways; in smoothies, soups, oatmeal, tea, etc!

NOTE: All orders are MADE TO ORDER and shipped priority.

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